Mara and Manuel Iten assume control over the conventional Sirnach optician’s business
  which was controlled by Markus Fischer for a very long time. Sirnach - It was a genuine establishment for forty years. Optik Fischer was known a long ways past the canton's lines. With regards to watches, jewelery or optics, a couple could measure up to it. Ear piercings were likewise "as once huge mob", however that time was a distant memory, says the previous optician, who currently lives in Matzingen and still invests a ton Jahreslinsen of energy in his own fine watchmaker's workshop. It's anything but an anticipated result that this notable and famous business will be proceeded and it presumably makes a bit of alleviation for incalculable ordinary clients. "I came to Mara and Manuel Iten like a virgin to youngster," says Fischer with a snicker and simultaneously clarifies what it truly resembled. «It is my issue that Manuel Iten prepared as an optician and it was through her that we met. Mara and Manuel are a grounded group, they are handling their new business with verve and force and I wish them that it will keep on running just as in the past. " Looking back on his times of action in Sirnach, Markus Fischer will recollect a limitless number of client contacts. "Be that as it may, I won't miss anything in my business, life continues for me and I can - if this ought to emerge - keep on being in contact with individuals and clients." Post inside Markus Fischer Customary, eager, submitted Mara and Manuel Iten live in Ganterschwil and became more acquainted with Optik Fischer as a conventional expert shop with driven and submitted workers that is very much moored in the area. "We truly like the regular and sincere way we manage our clients, whom we might want to keep on doing," say both of them. During nowadays, the two and their group have completed the delicate redesign of the shop. "The essential structure square of the business is as yet unchanged. Clients can expect a newly painted shop in a splendid, amicable ranch style home style with loads of cherishing subtleties. Basically an air to feel better », they promote for their own sake. «We address clients of all age bunches with our administrations and our reach. Since we have something in our proposal for each age gathering. We are uncommonly prepared in youngsters' glasses and are among the principal expert shops in Switzerland to have the option to sell a progressive kids' glasses that will be delivered in May. With this glass, the expansion in nearsightedness in kids matured around five can be eased back down and restrained. " When it comes to counsel, the Itens, alongside their group, will put the most noteworthy appreciation: "The client is ruler, with every one of his desires."

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