Traffic Stop – Officers led a traffic stop on University Drive
Live players are a more seasoned, less educated group. A significant number of them don't know about every one of the astonishing assets accessible on the web. Indeed, even a portion of the ones that know about things like preparing DominoQQ destinations and apparatuses decide not to utilize them, either on the grounds that they don't figure it can help them or they simply don't have the longing.     Driver was given one admonition for speed. Narcotics Complaint – Officers reacted to Westminster Hall for a report of associated scent with maryjane. Because of the examination two understudies were judicially alluded to the University. 02/10/2021 Trespassing – Officers were dispatched to Brownsville Hall for a report of an individual intruding. He was encouraged to not re-visitation of the property except if he got authorization from the Dean of Students. 02/10/2021 Damage To Property – Contact was made with a FSU Student at FSUPD Headquarters encouraging harm to her vehicle. The subject was given a case number. Ocularis camera framework was looked into with negative outcomes. 02/11/2021 DWI/DUI – Officers noticed a vehicle stuck in the snowbank in the back parking garage of the Public Safety Building. Because of the examination one subject, not an understudy, was given a DWI reference, given his desk work, and delivered. 02/11/2021 Traffic Accident – While at the back of the FSUPD building Officers heard an uproarious accident coming from the Lowndes Lot territory and afterward saw a parking garage light shaft tumble to the ground. A Frostburg State University Physical Plant worker was directing snow expulsion tasks and maneuvered into the light shaft. 02/11/2021 Disorderly Conduct – Officers reacted to Cumberland Hall for a sloppy understudy declining to leave a room wherein she didn't dwell. Because of the examination one criminal reference was given a No Trespass for the room being referred to was given and a legal reference was submitted. 02/11/2021 Narcotics Complaint – Officers reacted to Frost Hall for a slight smell of cannabis. Upon appearance a stroll through was directed. A slight scent was identified; be that as it may, Officers couldn't find its beginning. 02/12/2021 Narcotics Complaint – Officers reacted to Westminster Hall for a smell of CDS. Upon appearance officials couldn't distinguish any scent. Unwarranted.

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