The main stage will utilize a feeder tricycle (tuk-tuk) utilizing electric ability to run 2 courses
The planned "feeder framework" will zero in on carrying individuals from the space to that space. Can venture out to the red line promptly It isn't tied in with interfacing other electric lines. Which Rangsit station The Ministry of Transport needs to plan a model or "Rangsit Model", which will be an enormous station to oblige individuals in both Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok, Phaholyothin regions and from the city of Pathum Thani Province, barring inhabitants outside the span of 3 km, for example, from Thanyaburi District. What's more, รถรับจ้างราคาถูก Amphoe Lam Luk Ka, and so on , to be specific Rattanakosin 200 Years Village - Rangsit Station. What's more, Future Park - Rangsit Station, gather 10-15 baht and plans to improve the passageway exit before Rangsit Station Let the transports reach pause and get travelers, burn through 10 million baht and assemble a U-turn connect. Construct a recreation center and ride building, spending another 140 million baht. Open 7 Feeders Rangsit The feeder framework has effectively stamped 7 highways: 1. Rangsit-Future Park station, a distance of 6 km 2. Rangsit-Future Park station (Rush) distance 3 km. 3. Area Soi Charoen Chai - Rangsit station. 4. Rangsit Station - Rangsit Bus Station 5. 6th Main Station - Bang Phun Intersection 6. Soi Phaholyothin 87-Rangsit Station and 7. Along Klong Prem Prachakorn - Rangsit Station The assistance nature will run all around. Which is thinking about that "Will it broaden the course from Future Rangsit to Khu Khot to associate the green line?" And have a private interest Including the administrator Pure Energy Public Company Limited or EA Opened 8 courses associating "Taling Chan" Mr. Panya said that at Taling Chan Station, the fundamental issue is The actual station has no transport or public vehicle access. Travel requires a cruiser cabbie. At first requesting participation for a little minibus Which is a transport Category 4, Line 1018 of Nakhon Chaiyapruek Rung Rueng Partnership Which presently runs in 3 courses: Thonburi Railway Station - Bang Krai Nai Temple, Thon Buri Railway Station - Suan Phak - Chim Phli School And Thonburi train station - Chaiyapruek Temple To go in to get travelers from Taling Chan station too Prepared to plan another course And secure administrators to get concessions for the following transport It can be an easygoing feeder for little transports to get and drop off. These courses won't cover with the courses of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA), which has an arrangement of transforming 162 new courses. As of now, the feeder 8 courses have been intended to associate Taling Chan stations, including 1. Bang Bumru Station - Ratchapruek Village. 2. Bang Bamru Station - Tesco Lotus Nakorn In 3. Bang Bamru Station Circle - Bang Kruai EGAT Station 4. Taling Chan Station - Suan Duangporn Village 5. Taling Chan Station - Food Villa Ratchapruek 6. Taling Chan Station Circle - Southern Bus Terminal 7. Taling Chan Station Circle - Kanchanaphisek Road and 8. Taling Chan Station Circle - Thep Nakhon Village - Chuan Chuen Village Pinklao "Intrigued transport administrators can apply for a permit from the Department of Land Transport. Just as feeders at Rangsit Station Expected to speed up the launch of the help this year "  

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