The heaven sky sight, and sky-thumping mountains, make certain to give you a feeling like you are remaining on the edge of the earth.
  With regards to this journey, there are a few fanciful stories behind it. It is accepted by local people of sankri that kedarnath sanctuary at first was here, However, nearby individuals actually accept that Kedarkantha is the lone spot of the Lord Shiva Live. Regardless of whether you are new to journeying, This Trek is the best trip ever. Prepare to investigate the shocking magnificence of the view from Burane reach to Bandarpoonch 1 and 2 and in the middle, you will likewise get the brilliant sights of Rupin range, Har Ki Dun, Swaragrohini 1 to 4 just as Black Peak, during your journey. Stature and height of Kedarkantha Trek is 12,500 ft and is an attainable elevation for all novices and first-time adventurers. On the off chance that you are attached to journeying and need to encounter nature at its best at that point do anticipate this trip once. Best an ideal opportunity for Kedarkantha Trek In the Indian Himalayas, the Kedarkantha journey is one of only a handful few trips where you can travel any season with the exception of July and August month since it is the blustery period of Uttarakhand. In Summer In summer, you will discover gentle climate here. This is while adjoining mountains are noticeable. In Monsoon On the off chance that, you are arranging the this trip during the rainstorm then you need to confront challenges. During storm, avalanches happen and lead to street blockage. In spite of the fact that it will be somewhat enthusiastic however the himalayan medows see is certainly precious of every one of your endeavors. In Winter In Winter, the path stays covered  kedarkantha with silver sheet. Accordingly, the journey turns into somewhat hard. During the winters, this journey ends up being troublesome and energizing simultaneously. Make a point to convey your hefty woolens during the journey on the grounds that the temperature drops. Reasons Why Kedarkantha Trek is Must This Trek is one of the renowned winter journey that you should go once, in the course of your life. Make a point to convey every one of your cog wheels appropriately in light of the fact that the exquisite snow-shrouded view and a brave culmination climb can make anybody go frail in the knees. After March, the snow starts to withdraw opening up the luxurious green field underneath with bright blossoms flourishing throughout the spring and summer seasons. Prepare to camp among the forests, somewhere down in the thick ranger service of the Govind Vihar National Park directly in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand. You will likewise travel across the thick backwoods covered with Himalayan Coniferous trees. Assuming you are an amateur, this trip is the correct winter journey for you. During journeying, you will encounter an ideal blend of excellence just as experience. This, yet you will likewise travel across the thick timberlands that are covered with ice totally. During the journey, you will figure out how to camp in clearings on thick mounts of snow. Be arranged in light of the fact that the highest point climb will get your adrenaline kicking with the thick snow until and except if you arrive at the culmination. During the winters, you will find the opportunity to encounter new snowfall, high snow, and surprisingly very cool evenings while traveling. Journeying on snow-shrouded mountains is truly advantageous. It isn't just an exemplary winter journey yet additionally one of the highest and best winter journey in the whole Himalayas. The stunning perspectives on nature are stringently saved for the adventurers who put forth the attempt. The sight is astounding to such an extent that you will forget for as long as you can remember. From the top, the perspectives are brilliant and above and beyond. You won't just see the famous pinnacles, for example, Gangotri, Bandarpoonch, Kalanag, Yamunotri, and Swargarohini range however a few other anonymous pinnacles. Journey has the most alluring camping areas in the Himalayas with the end goal that no traveling spot can at any point coordinate the magnificence of this colder time of year snow journey. Every one of the camping areas present in this trip is extraordinary and offers entrancing perspectives on the scene. There is an appeal in this world, you simply should be in the perfect spot for encountering it. This journey embraced with excellence which allows the photographic artists an ideal opportunity to catch some eye-snappy pictures of nature. Each casing shows up very much like a postcard picture. Trip INFO Duration: 6 days Trip grade: Easy Traveling distance: 20 KM Most extreme altitude: 12,500 Ft. Closest airport: Jollygrant (Dehradun) Closest rail line station: Dehradun  

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