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Further developed lighting and expanded authentic action take into consideration more noteworthy evening time reconnaissance n Clear sightlines which give the view of real security since individuals can see the thing that's coming down the road and around them and if others are apparent 안전공원 n Physical access ought to be boosted by giving clients a decision of neat courses to and from park regions n Good support is urgent to keep up with insights that regions are generally safe. Defacing can add to view of dread since litter, spray painting and broken furniture all recommend a spot is neglected and conceivably dangerous n Diversity can draw in a higher power of utilization. Assortment in the structure, shading, and surface of scene components just as a scope of exercises adds to an intriguing climate that draws in clients n Signage as guides and illustrative text advances a more prominent feeling of wellbeing since individuals feel more secure when they know where they are and how to get to where they need to goRecovering BRYANT PARK ______________________________________________________________________________ Area: New York, New York Depiction: Since its rebuilding during the 1980s, Bryant Park, initially assembled 100 years sooner, has become truly outstanding "new" metropolitan parks in America. Its general plan and components support a scope of exercises and uses for individuals who work, shop, or on the other hand live close by, just as the individuals who are simply visiting. Challenges: Bryant Park's main resource has consistently been its eminent area in midtown Manhattan however scarcely anybody headed inside. The recreation center was ineffectively kept up with, individuals were managing drugs in the park and a few plan issues credited to the recreation center's ruin. The principle issue was that the individuals who wandered inside tracked down nearly nothing to do there. Results: In the last part of the 1990's, Bryant Park Restoration Corporation (BPRC) was made to deal with the recreation center and make an all-inclusive strategy. Because of the arrangement, park doorways were opened up eliminating the visual boundaries along the recreation center's fringe, new conveniences were added that included food and refreshment booths, a represent purchasing theater tickets was made, furthermore a café which brought forth more open action swarming out the sellers and different nuisances. A seven-year push subsidized by open and private assets consolidated beneficial park upkeep, brief stands, and public occasions going from verifiable park visits to shows, decreased wrongdoing by 92% and multiplied the quantity of yearly park guests. Examples Learned: As new improvement inside the recreation center worked to draw in more park clients and more individuals wandered into the recreation center, the medication managing expanded too. Obviously it would take more than an overhaul to move residents back to Bryant Park. Today, Bryant Park appreciates maybe the most noteworthy use and best upkeep of any metropolitan park in America, because of a blend of plan changes, and an imaginative and adaptable administration program.

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